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How to book Farmfete?

Fill in the form available on our website with your requirements and details asked, we will contact you within 24 hours with a custom quotation plan optimised for for booking. If you feel the need of assistance to fill the form or obtain the quotation via online modes, you can also call us and book manually on 8319005411 or 9977254555. All bookings are confirmed manually, as to provide highest quality of service during each booking.

Can FarmFete be booked for limited hours and not overnight stay?

FarmFete can absolutely be booked only for limited hours for events, hosting dinner parties and more. We provide all amenities and access to room; additionally services like Decoration, Lights and DJ, Live Musician, & Foam Parties can be arranged as well. Make sure to have a proper head count during the party as we charge on per person basis.

Are there any cleaning fees or additional charges?

There is no additional cleaning fee/damages for our guests unless there is extreme cases of damage in which case a penalty is also billed. However you feel your party can get crazy, feel free to let us know we will add additional cleaning charge without penalty.

Are pets allowed?

Yes, pets are absolutely welcome at FarmFete. 

We just request guests to inform us the size and breed and specific food requirement if you plan to bring a pet with you. There are no charges for your pets, we love hosting a comfortable stay for our furry friends. 

Can we visit before we confirm the booking?

Farm visits can be arranged for guests once you are in contact with our sales representative, as we only allow visitation on non booking days. No guests are allowed to visit the property during an ongoing booking. 

"It was a wonderful experience to stay here, but room needs water pressure it was low, rest all things were super nice! Food is delicious and staff is very well behaved and nice."

Dr. M. A. Satpathy

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